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Default Re: Is it time to start Mendenhall?

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
Elite backs make due with what's given to them.

Peterson, Lynch, Rice, Gore.

Do those teams have elite O-Lines? Hardly. They get the job done because they are the best.
Most of those guys either have good lines, or they got eased into the league behind awesome lines. Peterson had a Hutchinson-led line, Rice's line his first few years was super solid. Mendehall could have world-beater talent (and I think he does) but he sees a hole about once every three months, so I'm not sure he knows what to do with one. His girlfriend must have similar complaints.

Originally Posted by Neil-Still-Rules-14 View Post
I hate to do this to you, but of the top 30 rushers in NFL History, there are:

23 first-rounders
5 second-rounders
1 third-rounder
1 undrafted
Thank you . There's way too much silliness floating around this forum. An occasional dose of

is sorely needed, especially after a Steelers loss. It bears mentioning that one of those top-30 - the universally beloved Jerome Bettis - was a... you guessed it!... 1st round pick.
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