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Default Re: Is it time to start Mendenhall?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
adrian peterson is the most smashmouth runner in the league. he'll knock your freaking block off.

the steelers O-Line still cant open holes on a consistant basis.

our last 2 rushing TD's were dwyer and rainey bouncing it to the outside after running into a wall.

its a shame that dwyer needs a blow after every 2 consecutive rushing attempts.

its also a shame that mendenhall appears to be in tomlins doghouse (possible physical and mental toughness issues???)
I prematurely thanked Tony for this post - 4 out of 5 good points! But then I clicked and saw point #5, LOL, can I unthank? As for point #5, move over Rover, cause Mendy will be sharing your space for quite awhile. By the way, does this doghouse have a TWITter feed? Woof! Don't drop the chew toy Mendy.

As for the running back issue: Wake up people, News Flash! We have an O-line problem.
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