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Default Re: Tomlin on why he didn't go for a 2pt-conversion

Originally Posted by SteeleReign View Post
This Tomlin circus has become tiresome. I'm tired of all the tough talk. Tired of the trite and hollow colloquialisms. His legacy is becoming that of a coach that makes critical mistakes and gets frequently out-coached by "lesser" coaches.

We need a coach that makes the players' assholes pucker when he walks in the room. If that is Tomlin, then that's fine by me. But this players coach crap has got to go.
Other than from each other on this forum and others like it, where does everyone get this idea that Tomlin is a "players coach"? Nothing I have ever read anywhere (except here) leads me to believe that Tomlin is chummy with anyone on the team. And again, do all of you people crawl under your rocks when the team wins? Was Tomlin "in over his head" when he beat a 9-2 Ravens team in Baltimore with his third-string, 80-year-old QB?

How do you people manage to survive during weeks when the team wins? You must feel completely lost when we win. Life is suddenly devoid of meaning.
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