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Default Re: Three Areas of Concern, and the X-Factor!

Originally Posted by Steel_Bus_24;1061323[B[B
]]Ben is going to get injured again [/B][/B]if that OL can't protect better

Cincinnati especially will eat them up

This game felt like one of those old Patriot Beatings from when they were cheating

By the time the ball got in Ben's/RB hands their D were far too much in our backfield

The use of the snap count was horrible...

And on the flipside as you say, Our Pass Rush Sucked something awful. They picked up virtually every blitz we threw at them

This has to improve if we want to do any damage in the Playoffs where we will face Elite QBs.....Not only our blitzes getting home but we have to generate more pressure with just 4

He's also going to get injured again if he doesn't stop sliding "headfirst". On 3 of his rushes yesterday, he slid feet first only once.
When he's not sliding feet first, that makes him a legitimate target and he's going to take a VIOLENT hit out there that could end it all.
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