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Default Re: Three Areas of Concern, and the X-Factor!

The Chargers had their best game of the year yesterday. That wasn't all due to us. Then a bunch of fluke stuff happened. Norv Turner knew more than all of you...he knew that if he punted that ball late in the 3rd quarter the Steelers were going to win that game. That fake and the subsequent drive was the six minutes that won the game for the Chargers. Norv was operating under no illusion that they were the better team. It's the NFL, really dumb, frustrating junk happens. If you gage the Steelers and their season by that game, then you don't know the Steelers (I know, I know here comes the "Raiders, Titans, Browns" your time and energy.)

For all of you people who love the, "You are what your record says you are." Then guess what, "You are what your post season position says you are." Then as of right now, we are a playoff team. Period. End of story. If you tell me that the season is not over. Fine. But the teams trying to catch this "mediocre team" are BEHIND US! HELLO! In other words the Jets, Bungles and everyone else not seeded sixth are less than us...what makes you so sure they will become world beaters and catch us?

If you want to point out places where we need But those of you who are bailing on this team before the final whistle in an elimination game...why are you even an NFL/Steelers fan?
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