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Default Re: It Is Over For Whisenhunt In Arizona

I like Whiz but he has to take a lot of fault for how bad that QB situation there became after Warner's retirement. They basically did the "we'll have an open competition" w Derek Anderson and Matt Leinhart without endorsing either one, putting them both on a short leash and frequently benching them for mistakes. That of course didn't work, and the team for desperate and overreached in trading for an unproven Kevin Kolb, who never did much besides get hyped up as a great QB. When he sucked, and then got hurt, Whiz went back to the short leash/fuck up and you're benched style that didn't work before. He's been doing it all this year too, the team didn't make any effort to get a serious QB, and it's a shame for them because they have a quality defense and some stars on special team. Watching Arizona on offense is more excruciating than watching Andy Warhols 10 hour movie of the Empire State Building.
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