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Default Re: We don't deserve the playoffs

Originally Posted by AndyWitmyer View Post
Right now, Ben and Co. have to look at this is as a kind of a practice. Which is not what they (or the fans) were hoping for. This last quarter, they were playing for pride and pride only. Two positives have come out this (even if they no longer matter in terms of winning):

That last punt (which would have ordinarily been awesome) was the longest punt in Steelers since the 40's.

Mike Wallace is finally starting to get his mojo back.

Again, it's not enough. They were playing a team that has nothing left to play for aside from playing for Norv, and to play the part of spoiler for teams like the Steelers. Today, the Chargers managed to do both.
If mojo means "mop up yards and TD's when the defense is playing prevent" then yes his mojo is back.
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