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Default Re: We don't deserve the playoffs

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Oh, look. The Bengals and Ravens lost. So, this game meant exactly 0 in terms of us losing. Would it have been better to win? Absolutely. Are we all Steelers fans again and be very optimistic? Some of you guys are unreal.

Ben threw a pick - cut him. Everything bad that has happened to the Steelers in the history of the organization is Tomlin's fault, and Dwyer is a legitimate running back. Sounds about right.
Really this your defense of Tomlin? We have to hope other teams lose? Fuck that! Our coach has been beat by 3 teams run by guys who will be coordinators next year. (Raiders, Browns and Chargers). And he needed a miracle to get past another (Chiefs). Tomlin is so out of his league it's not even funny. If it wasn't for the Rooney Rule his ass would probably be gone. I'm at the point I would rather see Rex Ryan on our sidelines instead of this ass clown and that is just fucked up.
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