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Default Re: We don't deserve the playoffs

Steelers Canada, I've butted heads with you a couple of times now, especially over the bright spots and cause for optimism with this team - I still can't agree with you, however, I will take a step back and explain how I think the Steelers can become a contender over the next 3 weeks. Some are pretty obvious, but still - are a cause for concern with this team and need to be rectified, as of like a million years ago (even when we beat the Giants)

1. At all costs, keep the other team's O off the field. Focus on moving the chains. Also - with the running game, time to start running some off-balance run plays and counters. Running to the outside and passing to the flat is a real possibility I think. They need to get back to taking what the D gives them. Teams know we can't run consistently, yet, we are trying to keep running guys right into a shit pile. Now would be a real nice time to start pulling out some other ideas - cause, whaddya got to lose with this run game. With only 3 games left, now is the time to start pulling out the stops.

2. Whoever is on Ike's side, needs all the help they can get. This will become the D's undoing - I'm really convinced of that. It only took 1 week for the Chargers to identify the glaring weakness. Imagine all the tape that will pile up on this weakness over the next month. Also, on D - if you are going to go down, go down swinging. I'm not for Blitzburgh 2.0 - but they have to be able to wreak more havoc than this. The D is showing predictability again IMO. This will be even more of a problem now that Ike is out. How are we going to create pressure when there is a glaring issue on that side that will require more attention? We need the line to start blowing people off the ball. They got man handled in 2 of the last 3 games.

3. HELP OUT YOUR QB. The wide receivers are absolutely pitiful right now. That includes every last one of them. Outside of Miller, who do you trust to be a difference maker for this offense? I'm not seeing anyone.
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