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Default Re: We don't deserve the playoffs

Originally Posted by desertsteel View Post
Exactly. That's why I share my feelings. Don't be so thin skinned. Especially since you can dole out the criticism.

The only way to win the super bowl is to make the playoffs. Recent history has proven that 9-7 teams can win the super bowl. I will celebrate it if it happens and I guess people like you will anguish that we didn't do it after going 14-2. So be it.

LOL, I don't know where I was thin skinned. Everyone on here is nothing more than a faceless keyboard, I have no personal feelings either which way. And where was I "doling" out any criticism? You called me a nonfan. I simply stated you don't know me and you're entitled to your opinion, but it means nothing to me. Where is that criticism? It's just the truth. Like I said before, I've been watching this team since I can remember, I don't need anyone telling me what kind of fan I am. I do not think this is a good team this year. This team has not shown me any reason to think otherwise. I'd rather not be humiliated this year, i.e. last year's Tebow-fest and I've seen nothing from this team this year to say anything better will happen. I'm not on a ledge and It's not the end of the world, I know this team enough to know while they may be down this year, they're never down for long. Nothing wrong in admitting this ain't their year.

Christ people on this board want to hang someone for not breaking out the pom-poms or sharing the same enthusiasm for the POs.

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