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Default Re: Fixing Stuff That Aint Broke......

Originally Posted by wootawnee View Post
How do you change a line that dominated and had perfect chemistry against the Ravens,stick in Colon and blow it against the chargers?.......Soon as Legursky came in we out scored the Chargers 21-7.....

Also, who were all these new numbers in the secondary getting burnt that I did not recognize, and why were they in there?.....Were last weeks players hurt(besides Ike)?.......

Why does Colon keep getting hurt?......Does he not train like a champion trains?.....Does he not spend time on his body like A true athelete does?....

On a side note....The Chargers had one stolen from them against the Ravens the other week at home......They have been playing much better the last few weeks aside from the picks......
Think you'd be referring to Curtis Brown in the secondary. he was in because Ike is out. He stunk it up so bad he got benched for Victorian, who just came up from the practice squad.
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