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Default Re: Fixing Stuff That Aint Broke......

I dont get this team....its been a minute since I have been this bothered by a loss. At least in Cleveland it was self inflicted injuries to blame. The Steelers were punked yesterday and I hope they can recover.

Curtis Brown wasn't ready to play and to be honest this whole team wasn't ready to play and the outcome showed it. Thats a Tomlin issue. His track record to losing to terrible teams speaks for itself. I still haven't forgotten the playoff loss last year to Tebow. That dude needs to take a look in the mirror and lead this team. I am quickly losing faith in him and this comes from a Tomlin supporter believe it or not.

Anyway it goes, its been a crazy year and this team is good enough, to win it all, I just don't know if the coaching is good enough.
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