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Default Re: Ben eyeing down receivers

Originally Posted by austinfrench76 View Post
I actually started reading this DUMB ASS THREAD! Batch over Ben????? This is silly, Say something else but you lose credibility when you say Batch over Ben. Sorry buddy but this waste.
Many have not noticed how Ben is very stubborn and has lobbied since Haley's hiring that he didnt want the offense to change. Now he is trying his best to get the backyard football of Bruce Arians to replace what little Haley has put in.....if we had a new qb at least we would see a real Haley offense in there but too bad Haley sees this as Bens team and Bens offense and tries to be too buddy buddy with him. He is holding on the ball too darn long like he is in Arians offense and will not do what he learned in minicamp or training camp.
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