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Default Re: Fixing Stuff That Aint Broke......

I know I'll take some flack for saying this, because as the mantra goes "Great teams excuses" - but I do think the lockout had a very negative effect on the Steelers (as well as other good teams) and created a parity that would not have ordinarily existed. It doesn't help that as soon as the "real" refs get back, they appear to be just as clueless and awful as the previous ones.

It has been a strange season, indeed. Not just for the Steelers, but for much of the league. I can't help but to notice how many games have either ended in OT, or were decided in the 4th quarter by 3 points of less. Hell, half of the Ravens victories might have very easily gone the other way. It's as if the NFL is doing its very best to control the an effort to keep games as close as possible...for better ratings. At the expense of the fans and the players. I hate sounding conspiratorial...but this year has been too f-ing weird not to at least point it out.
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