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Default Re: big ben arrested in switzerland??????

Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity
Thats the perfect attitude to have. You cant make people listen to you. You prove it to them with your actions on and off the field. First you have to respect someone then they can become a leader. Ben already has the respect and whatever leadership role he takes on the team will be determined as time goes on but he's clearly on his way...
I agree.......respect is earned and Ben has definitely earned it. As time goes by he will be the leader he will have no choice, he will be put into situations where everyone will look to him because he is the QB. When its 4th and 3 with 23 seconds left in the game and everybody has left everything on the field and everyone is thinking they don't have anything left Big Ben will be the one to say " hey listen up I'm still here I got 2 plays left in my arm you guys dig deep and give me everything you got and I promise you we will win this Super Bowl and go home Champs once again". He has the maturity level beyond his years and he has his best years still in front of him. Even though we have leaders already on the team I say Big Ben needs to be the leader maybe not this year but within a few he does need to be THE ONE and will be THE ONE. Kind of like Joe Montana when the chips are down you just know that with him on the field everything will be ok and we will find a way to win. Exuding confidence that rubs off on everyone else is a big motivator and at Ben's young age and what he has accomplished already he is well on his way.

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