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Default Am I seeings this correctly? Can we still effectively get a "bye"?

If we beat Dallas and Cincy, we'd have at least 9 wins with the tiebreaker over the Bengals. If the Jets won out, they'd be 9-7.

We've have the head-to-head over both Cincy and New York heading into week 17. We would win the 3-way tie since we've have head-to-head over both teams.

We could rest up against Cleveland.

The only way that I don't see this working is if the Jets win two straight, the Bengals beat Philly, and the Colts lose two straight... that could potentially produce a 4-way tie for 9-7 after the final week, which we could miss out on the playoffs due to common opponents or strength of victory if either the Bengals or Jets would qualify for the 5th seed over the Colts, who would then probably take the 6th seed. So, we'd potentially have to play out week 17.

It looks to me like even though we've played like shit for half the year, we could still end up with an effective "bye" with wins in the next 2 weeks...
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