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Default Re: Colon done for season!?

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
DD at RG does make a lot of sense. That said, Foster has played there for two seasosn... But, DD is going to play RG evenetually. Good thing for my brain to gnaw on...
Yeah, I'm thinking that DD is a rookie, and he was 100% focused on RG during the preseason. And in fact, he had won the starting position there - frankly, he was the best looking offensive lineman in the preseason. So that gives him the best chance at success. Meanwhile, as a depth player, Foster has position flexibility.

I'm looking at this lineup, and I see only two players that are part of our future above-the-line OL at their natural positions. Starks and Foster are proven depth players, and Beachum's upside is unknown at this point. OL continues to be our biggest problem, although we've made some strides. But OT is still a big hole, with Gilbert regressing, Adams struggling and Beachum unproven. Amazingly, Starks is still the best we've got, and that's at-the-line journeyman-level.
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