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Default Re: Name me one team that the Steelers can't beat...

honestly, if we get into the playoffs I would lay almost even odds against any team we played to win.

Since we'll be on the road, the scariest team is probably Denver. Then the Pats, then Texans. I actually think we'd be favored on the road to beat either the Ravens or Colts. None of these teams are dominant.
As for the NFC, everyone keeps saying how much tougher it is, but I'm not so sure.

The Pack. Don't really look unstoppable this year.
The Bears. That D peaked too early. Cutler in the playoffs. LOL.
Giants/Cowboys/Redskins. Nothing to see here.
49ers. Colin Kaepernick won't take this team the distance in his first try.
Falcons. Not quite sure what, but somethings missing here.

None of these teams are without flaw. A one game winner take all against one of these guys is not a monumental task.

Just saying. This season is far from over.
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