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Default Re: Name me one team that the Steelers can't beat...

Originally Posted by desertsteel View Post
And also name me one team that the Steelers can't lose to lol...

That's the personality of this team. If we get in, there's no telling what can happen.
Honestly, not many of the teams impress me...

Houston - no Brian Cushing could hurt them in the playoffs, even with home field.

New England - still has a suspect D.

Baltimore - Defense doesn't scare anyone anymore, and firing Cam Cameron is a mistake.

Indy - they're still a work in progress.

Cincy - never know which team shows up.

Atlanta - they finally weren't able to dodge a bullet against a subpar team yesterday. Otherwise, their gimmick offense and defense isn't fooling anyone anymore.

Green Bay - they've gotten through injuries before, but in 2010 their O-line was healthy unlike now.

Giants - can't stop the run.

Seattle - playing over their heads, it'll eventually come to an end.

Rams - excellent D, but no O.

Bears - if their D doesn't force TOs, they can't score, period.

Cowboys and Redskins - their injuries continue to pile up.

Personally, SF and Denver are the only complete teams, but that's just me. Otherwise, anyone can be beat in this league.
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