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Default Re: big ben arrested in switzerland??????

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Contrary to popular myth, Brady didn't just step onto the field and achieve Godhood immediately...there was a maturation process, and a learning curve. He was also a few years older than Ben when he took HIS first meaningful NFL snap.

agreed. thats why there was such a Brady vs Bledsoe debate in Boston

Game 1 44-13 over the Colts. Great
Game 2 10-3 (i think) loss at Miami. Horrible
Game 3 29-26 over the Chargers. Great
Game 4 great in win at Indy
Game 5 after a great half at Denver, 4 INTS in the 4th QTR. Horrible overall
Game 6 Very good in win at Atlanta
Game 7 so-so in win vs Buffalo
Game 8 mixed in loss vs the Rams

Bledsoe is ready to go. Brady has gone 5-3. Belichick goes with Brady.

Game 9 Great in win vs Saints
Game 10. lousy in 1st half, great in 2nd half in win at Jets
Game 11 average in win vs Browns
Game 12 HORRIBLE until he had to bring them back at the end at Buffalo.
Game 13 very good at home vs Miami
Game 14 very good at Carolina

so Brady wasnt exactly Marino in his first full season, overall he was very good with great flashes at the end of games (SD, NY Jets, Buffalo, then in playoffs against Raiders and Rams)

it was the flashes of brilliance in clutch situations that told you he COULD be another Montana. He wasnt Great until 2003.
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