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Default Re: Beat the Cowboys at all cost

Steelers won't win unless Ben leaves his ego at home, the offense stinks when they try to play homerun ball. Quit forcing the ball to Wallace.

And Haley is a complete idiot. Seemed like every running play was with a single RB 8 yds deep in the backfield, even on 4th and inches. Where were the multiple formations, the screens and checkdown passes? You telling me Charlie Batch can win with that plan, but Ben can't?

Huff huff huff - we're the mighty Steelers and we'll just do what we do....huff huff huff - chestbump.

To win the offense needs to get their head out of their asses and go back to ''take what they give you" kinda ball, instead of Ben trying to play hero, throw to Heath fucking Miller for chrissakes!!!
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