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Default Re: The Steelers, playoff caliber?

Originally Posted by Rowland2110 View Post
This isnt a one time thing. Its a pattern. Tomlins teams have lacked discipline even the year we went to the SB again GB. How we even got there still amazing me. I NEVER thought the steelers played clean enough football to get there and it is the reason why we lost..

The jury is still out but right how i can say things look good for Tomlin as a coach. The undisciplined and unprepared football started to creep into this team after SB 43 and it has only gone down hill since then.
I totally agree. I noticed that as well, and I'm sure other teams have noticed it when they are preparing for the Steelers. There is now a "blueprint" on how to beat this team and that blueprint began when Arizona almost pulled off an upset in the Super Bowl.
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