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Default Re: The Steelers, playoff caliber?

Originally Posted by JewniorGong View Post
Of course we can win the Super Bowl.. there are only good teams in the playoffs

What I want to know is when the adjustments will be made to actually come out prepared to play bad teams. I see the teams we struggle against get slaughtered on a week to week basis and just bury my head in my hands
Just because a team makes the playoffs does not mean they are good. It sometimes means they backed their way in, in a weak conference. The Steelers may make the playoffs but it will be a quick exit like last year unless things change. It is a slap in the face as a fan when certain players on the team do not "show up" or try hard in certain games or admittedly are not focused. This is not the Steeler team we are used to. They are almost like imposters. They lack focus, dicipline, and veteran leadership. Someone needs to step up and say "Enough of this, it's not how we do things around here." So far the only one to do that was Brett Keisel. I normally think Big Ben says all the right things interviews but he was dead wrong in being an enabler for Mike Wallace. If a player says or does things that appear they are not giving their best effort, they deserve to get booed. These guys are grown men in a tough game and here they are whining because they are being booed. Get over it guys, play better ball, and don't make dumb comments to the media.
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