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Default Re: Name me one team that the Steelers can't beat...

The Steelers can beat anybody. We beat the Giants in their house, Baltimore in their house with a 3rd string QB, and the Bengals in their house. If you can do that you can beat anybody, especially if it's a home game for us. That said, when I see the team play the way they did yesterday, it's hard to think we can beat anybody. Who's worse then the Chargers this year, the Browns and Raiders? Well we lost to all 3 of them. A veteran team shouldn't have consistency problems and IMO their is a lack of leadership. Seems like it takes playing a division leader to get these guys up for the game. I know in the playoffs that's what we'll be up against every game, but will our players get up for the game three times in a row? This team is to unpredictable to say who we can and cant beat.

If we play like we did yesterday then we can't beat anybody. If we play like we did against BAL and NYG then we can and will beat everybody. The team that would be the hardest to beat in their house during the playoffs this year is New England. The Texans are a great team but I just don't see Schaub taking them to the SB, Flacco isn't going to carry the team to a SB with a new OC and nobody on defense, we'll beat Denver next time around IMO, and we'll beat the Colts wherever we play them. New England added some talent in the draft and free agency and Brady and Bellicheck have done it time and time again and know what to expect, so I see them as being the one we might not get around.
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