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Default "Why can't we be like the Pats...."

Admit it - don't you wish our offense and team was like the Pats? They go up 42-7 on teams like Houston, routinely score 40+ points and blow out the weak teams like they should. . In short, they act and behave as a dominant team should.

In contrast, the Steelers lose to teams with losing records such as the Chargers, Browns, Raiders and Titans. They are "Jekyll and Hyde", "bipolar", they "do not have an identity" and they wimper to wins over lowly teams like KC. They never seem to blow out an opponent and rarely score 40+ points.

So don't you wish we were like the Pats? If you deny it - just look at what you posted in the past 24 hrs. It sure sounds like you wish the Steelers won like the Patriots. Wouldn't rooting for a team that plays and wins like the Pats cure all your Steeler angst?

Before you think of me as a traitor - let me tell you why I like the Steelers just the way they are. The Pats are good and just like the Steelers, they give their fans the opportunity to win the Super Bowl year in and year out - which is all we fans can realistically ask for. However, the Steelers have a better defense and generally play football that allows their defense to be be on the field less than they have to. The Steelers generally win the time of possession battle and they do this by being dedicated to running the ball and winding down the clock. This means that we air it out less, play more ball control and score less.

Have we been successful? You bet. Since 2005, the Steelers have gone to 3 Super Bowls and won 2. The Pats have gone to 2 Super Bowls and won 0. When it comes to crunch time, teams seem to be able to stop the Pats high powered offense and find ways to score on their defense.

Do you think the Pats fans are eternally happy because their team "dominates"? Wrong. Just like any other team's message board - there are always things to gripe about. Calls to fire Belichick and sit Brady were rampant after the loss to the Cardinals and the Pat's 1-2 start. See its not always greener on the other side.

Do the Pats have a chance to win the SB this year? Absolutely! They are a good team - but I like our Steelers just fine, thank you, and recent history seems to favor how the Steelers like to play football. It may be boring, inconsistent and anger / anxiety provoking at times but every now and then, they put it all together and reward us fans with a SB win.

Go Steelers.
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