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Default Re: I'm watching the pats and texans....and

edited out my words on Blaze.

I'm tired of all these doomsayers when we lose and when we win, they're jizzing their pants with excitement. Ya, we've lost to shitty teams but we've shown we can hang around with the "big boys" of the NFL. We beat the Giants in their house with the officiating being so one sided. Do you remember the excitement after that game for this team on these boards? Now, we lost to the Browns with Batch and everyone is playing Russian roulette. The loss to the Chargers and they're jumping off buildings while telling us how much our team "fucking sucks".

We can hang with these teams. We can beat both of these teams when we have a healthy franchise quarterback and our offense back in rhythm. The fact is, Ben was rusty after three weeks off. Does this surprise you? It shouldn't and the fact that it does makes me shake my head. The Chargers' defense single-handedly kept them in games and gave them opportunities to win. This is the same Chargers team that would have beaten the Ravens if not for the miracle 4th-and-29. Can we not hang with the Ravens either? Are they too good of a team?

No one is afraid of Matt Schaub and that Texans secondary. Giving up 84 points and only scoring 31 against elite quarterbacks doesn't scream legitimate contender to me. The Patriots have an amazing offense - no one is arguing that. That secondary, however, is weak and can be exploited by Roethlisberger.

This Steelers team will eventually get back together and get back into rhythm. The way our defense has been playing when they're healthy was top of the line and elite. When we get healthy and get guys like Woodley and Ike back - we're fine. Stop with these fucking threads of "we suck guys, we can't win anything".
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