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Default Re: Fixing Stuff That Aint Broke......

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
it was extremely frustrating to watch Rivers have ALL DAY back there to throw and then some : meanwhile Ben barely had 1.5 seconds and the pocket was swarmed all over.
I can't understand why we can't generate pass rush anymore.
For a while we were known as Blitzburgh and writing the book on rushing the passer. Then QBs like Brady, Manning, Brees and Rodgers would carve up the defense. They would pass the ball before rush got to the QB.

The smarter QBs would see where the blitz was coming and find the hot reads quickly. LeBeau had to adjust and send less guys on blitzes and more guys in pass protection. This exposed our DL. They were not designed to be pass rushers. They were guys who were to occupy the OL while the LBs were blitzing and rushing.

Now, should be change back to Blitzburgh? Probably not - because we still have the #1 or #2 defense in the NFL. Its does not have the panache and our blitz happy past but still very effective
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