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Default Re: "Why can't we be like the Pats...."

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
No. The success is never settling for anything less but perfection. I've heard if Brady even throws an incomplete pass in practice, he wigs the fuck out. They run their offensive system absolutley flawlessly. No mistakes. Nada. Zip. It's NOT just Brady.

The WR's and TE's and the separation these dudes get off the line of scrimmage is incredible. The Pats have actually had makeshifts o-line this season but you wouldn't even know it as Brady ever-so-slightly steps to his left and puts a dart right into the chest of his buffet of receivers.

Us, on the other hand, are fumbling, bumbling and stumbling with every RB on the roster losing the ball 5 times in Cleveland.

Our QB can't even complete a simple, routine WR screen as our backup rookie 7th round TE completely gets DESTROYED in the backfield and our highest paid receiver isn't even intelligent enough to knock the ball out of the endzone. I don't get it.
I like your analysis. Here's the problem - there's only 1 Brady and he's on a different team.

You have three options:

1. Become a Pats fan
2. Continue being a Steelers fan and learn to accept that our QB / Team will not deliver Brady / Pats like performances and not get so upset as your expectations should be lower
3. Shoot Brady
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