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Default Re: "Why can't we be like the Pats...."

Originally Posted by ETL View Post
I like your analysis. Here's the problem - there's only 1 Brady and he's on a different team.

You have three options:

1. Become a Pats fan
2. Continue being a Steelers fan and learn to accept that our QB / Team will not deliver Brady / Pats like performances and not get so upset as your expectations should be lower
3. Shoot Brady
That's true there's only one Brady, and maybe the Steelers will never be like that, but they can do a hell of a lot better than they've been doing this season. This team has no focus and lacks discipline. That all starts with Tomlin. They also do not play to their strengths on offense. Instead of using the WRs speed and Ben's big play ability, they minimize that and resort to bubble screens. Like I said, god forbid Ben becomes bigger than the Steeler logo.
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