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Default Re: Thoughts on the Haley offense

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
The problem with our offense stems from Mr Rooney. He wants the Steelers to be like the Steelers of the past. Which is run heavy and the idea of you controlling the clock. Which is not how this league operates. I feel like Haley is in a situation in which he wants to obey what Mr Rooney wants to keep his job. Haley was very successful as the cards Oc because he was allowed to pass as many times as he wanted to. And the Steelers front office needs to realize that now a days you pass to set up the run later on. We should be throwing the ball 35 plus with our talent at wr.

Another thing is In order to have a 2 back system you must have a speed guy and power guy. We currently have to slow power guys with mendy on the bench. Mendy needs to be back in the game cause he had the ablility to break a long run or screen pass. Dwyer and Redman will not provide us with that splash play we are looking for. Mendy must be given chance to prove what he can do. Just give him the ball 12 to 15 times against the cowboys. Remember his first game back everyone on this board noticed the difference in having a speed back who could bounce out when the middle was clogged which it is most of the time. Watching Dwyer is frustrating cause you know he doesn't gave the speed to bounce out thus teams aren't scared of that and they stack 8 guys in the box to stuff the middle
I'm really not sure how you can call this offense a "run heavy" offense. Right now this offense has attempted 483 passes and 336 rushes. That's a 59%/41% pass to run ratio. If you take out Antonio Brown's 2 pass attempts but then also take out the 21 QB rushes and 1 idiotic kicker attempt, on a over the head toss from the holder, the ratio becomes even more pass heavy.
This offense utilizes the short passing game to control the clock.
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