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Default Re: Thoughts on the Haley offense

The sacks and hits on Ben are down this season. I think the scheme by Haley is fine. But recently and this coincides with the lack of production of our O, we are playing with a 3rd string RT, we have had our all pro Center playing Guard, our OL seems to be continually in flux, we are continually rotating RB's,(as much as continuity along the line is important, so is continuity of the RB) our receivers are dropping too many damn balls, and it's not just dropping the passes, its the timing of it. (eg: both Wallaces and Browns drops on Sunday, if nothing else the catches if made change field position)
Every time we lose, people keep looking for's the defense Lebeau must go or it's haleys O, this team lost because the came out on Sunday and thought "we're the Pitsburgh Steelers and we can't be beat" they were flat as a team, no fire, no emotion, no intensity. There is no excuse for that. They blew there emotional "wad" so to speak against the ratbirds and came up flat. Just like all of us they have "off " days too. I am less concerned about the piss poor performance on Sunday than most , I want to see how they come out against Dallas and then the Bungles and Cleveland. That will be more than telling on the type of team and players we have. Playoffs are still ours to lose.
If they shit the bed in the next 3 games then this ownership group needs to look at the coaches , players and potential for locker room problems (Wallace?) in the off season.
This has been a goofy season in the NFL, bizarre outcomes of games.
Lets see how we bounce back from this!!
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