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Default Re: Am I missing something here?

When I was alittle kid my best friends mother was murdered along with the killers ex-husband. They were re-modeling a house and started dating, and the ex came in shot Dewayne 6 times (4 in the groin) and shot Karen twice. She was out on bond pre-trial and broke into the kids fathers house and poured bleach all over the carpet.....She was arrested again, and in the end she got 11 years, and got out after 9. She is currently a free woman. I never understood that......

My friend later won a huge lawsuit against Miami-Township police because Karen was not found until the cops had been there for like 2 hours......she died from a loss of blood. When the woman started shoting Dewayne......Karen ran for the garage. She was shot as she was opening the door, and she made it out, but the door had an automatic return on it, and it shut behind her. She may have lived if found right away. That was a double murder and only 9 years.....I think she acted crazy, and used the battered woman syndrome or something.
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