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Default Re: Thoughts on the Haley offense

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
it certainly started off good, but has tailed off considerably.
Our line has been riddled with injury, Pouncey has been playing below the standard, and those have helped diminish our run game.

The one aspect of the "Haley" offense i'm disappointed with is our complete lack of utilizing the outside. We run up the middle, Then we run up the middle again. Then we once up the middle...even if it means running into our own guys where there's no hole.
And the passing. Most all the calls are down the field or slants of some sort in the middle. Rivers and the Chargers absolutely killed us on Sunday by having the receivers run turning routes to the outside and they kept completeing passes near the sideline over and over and over. I'm not understanding why we can't incorporate these type of routes either. Thats how Romo uses Dez Bryant.

I hate to say it, but once again - we are the leagues most predictable offense - often one can call plays from the comfort of your own couch at home. Hell, analysts in the booth do it.
I was hoping for more of a "surprise" attack but we seem to be doing the same thing. Still hoping this will change.

Think about it, we're using Dwyer as a starter, and Redman is backing him up. They could try Rainey outside, but thgis line is not athletic at all, and of course Spinthenfall is a waste of oxygen.

I always thought this year would be a transition year and here we are, with a team that bears all the hallmarks of a work in progress. Great one week, sucking ballz the week after.
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