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Default Re: Thoughts on the Haley offense

For those saying how this offense is meant to keep Ben upright - it has already failed in that regard.

I am hesitant to give Haley 100% blame because I too get a sense he's under orders from Art Rooney about what he can and cannot do. I know pass/run ratio for the Steelers still leans towards the pass, but how many of those are just check downs and bubble screens? Don't put too much stock in that.

I was very disappointed when the Steelers actually were running the ball well that they weren't taking shots down field using play action. I got crucified for saying it before, but to me the lack of down field plays says the Steelers think possession is more important than scoring. The Steelers really need to let go of the past, as they have proven they can lose a game when they own TOP anyways. They have drafted the weapons necessary to be an explosive down field passing team, yet for some reason they don't want to take advantage of it. Where the hell is the sense in that?

I say score more points as quickly as possible, then worry about possession and killing the clock in the fourth quarter. Let Ben do more early on in a game, then he doesn't have to try and bail out the team when they are down by multiple possessions.
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