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Default Re: Name me one team that the Steelers can't beat...

If we would have won either of the Browns or Chargers game, and more importantly, if we just didn't take, YET AGAIN, and another injury (and IMO a leadership hit) in Ike and Colon, I'd say this team might be the battle tested type. Colon was really becoming a voice for the offense, and the line in particular (see the Cincy pancake fury)

There is only so many hits a team can take. I don't have all the facts about he Packers run when they had 16 on IR, but I believe going into the post-season, they were at least able to keep the same personnel on the field to gel just enough - much like the Steelers O-line in the XLIII run. The Packers WRs were catching fire towards the end of the season, not having Butterfingers at the worst time. If The WRs can step it up - we have a shot. More of the same will equal an early exit. We can't keep hoping they turn it on in the 2nd half of games, they have to want it all 4 quarters, right out of the gate.

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