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Default Re: ONE thing we lack is...

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
When you lose 4 games the likes of the: Chargers, Raiders, Browns, and Titans.. I think the problem is deeper then just players not getting it done... IMO this is probably the worst coaching performance I've seen in Pittsburgh in my life time.... sure we've had worse seasons record wise...but we've never been this bad with so much potential. This is a playoff team that is losing to the worst in the NFL..and doing it on a regular basis.

How do you beat Baltimore, Washington, and Cincinati...but can barely get over the Cheifs..and lose to 4 of the worst teams in the league? If you told me that we'd have 4 losses to these teams when the season started...I'd tell you our record must be near the league bottom. The fact that we have beat decent teams only proves my point... this teams leadership has failed miserable. This doesn't happen in pittsburgh...but it is this season.. Tomlin shoulders 90% of the blame for this season. He should get one more year to right the ship...if he doesn't...find a coach who can. We don't need a HOF coach... all we need is someone who doesn't lose games for us.

This team lacks leadership.

Its hard to argue.....I like Tomlin and lets face it : he's going to be here for a LOOOOOOONG time.
The issue i see is that they come out on the field on Sundays and look at them. Even in pre-game warmups, they look slow, non-chalant, kinda just hanging around.....if you look closely, it wouldnt' surprise me to see a few "yawns" as if they just got out of bed.
In contrast i've taken notice of the other side (even the Browns for gods sakes) in many games. And again, even in the pre-games. Chest-bumpin', yelling, high-fiving, fist-pumpin. Is there a reason we're not seeing that on THIS side?? Look no further than the Patriots last night................
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