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Default Re: ONE thing we lack is...

We are lacking a lot of things, starting with leadership, on the field and off the field.

Have you ever seem Tomlin go ballistic at his players on the sideline? Have you ever seem him grab one guy and blast him during the game? He has no reaction.
Look no further why we don't seem to be motivated. He doesn't seem to be either. I can understand that from Lebau who's 75yo but not from Tomlin. We don't need an intellectual of the game, we need a LEADER, kicking @ss when it's deserved, putting fire under the guys' @ss.

Also, who's leader amongst players? Ben? Who else? I don't think we have found a replacement for Farrior, Ward just to name a few.

Next, what else are we lacking? Playmakers, both on offense and defense.

If we were making plays on offense, we wouldn't be ranked 21st in total points scored, 21st in points per game, we wouldn't be ranked 18th in totalyards and we wouldn't be 16th and LAST in the AFC in 1st downs. That's even worse if you consider that based on last year's result, we don't have the strongest schedule Baltimore does.

If we were making plays on D, we wouldn't be ranked 22nd in sacks, 29th in INT, we wouldn't be ranked 14th in the AFC in differential takeaway vs giveaway with -13. (12 vs 25)
Compare that with New England who is 1st in the AFC with +24

We are just a mediocre team all around, no ifs, ands or buts.

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