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Default Re: ONE thing we lack is...

I think a mediocre team is accurate, that's what we are, sorry but kneeling down and blowing the Chargers at home with your QB back, on the back of a massive performance just says 'mediocre' to me.

Wow just everything set up to roll 4-0 into the post-season and the Steelers lay a huge egg, they were asleep from the get go.

I have let Tomin off far too easily in the past, I said after the Cleveland debacle I had had enough. His teams are poorly prepared, lack discipline, and just failt to show up far too often, his in-game management is laughable, that mumbled BS he gave as an excuse for not being able to add up said it all. Simms was laughing at him, that was unforgivable. The guy is an idiot.


That's a problem.
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