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Default Re: ONE thing we lack is...

Originally Posted by desertsteel View Post
What do you think the one thing we lack is?

For me, I'd say PLAYMAKERS. We have Ben, and sometimes AB, but on D... zilch. We have some solid play, like Clark and Timmons, but nothing like when Harrison and Troy were at their peak. I mean, if you think Troy is the same Troy for the past couple years, just youtube his highlights and watch the crazy game-changing plays he made in the past. That's all gone. We need playmakers to change the momentum of games IMO.
Killer instinct.

We don't have it.

We let teams hang around and more often than not it either bites us in the ass and we lose or at best we end up in some late-game struggle to cling to a 3-point lead.

Did you watch the Pats last night?

THAT is how we should be playing -- foot on the gas and keep pounding and scoring until the refs tell us the game is over - PERIOD!
I've had it with "tactical" bullshit.
We have the QB and the receivers to put 50 points on the board and yet we struggle week in and week out and ESPECIALLY against shitty teams.

We should have STEAMROLLED San Diego and instead they steamrolled us!

WTF is up with THAT?!
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