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I'll be honest, I thought Wade Phillips actually did a pretty good job here, and is pretty underappreciated as a head coach.

1) He did a very good job keeping this team HEALTHY during his 3.5 years here.

2) He did a very good job at sustaining the team's playing level on a decently consistent basis.(while the local media guys here in DFW painted him as "camp cupcake" without really any basis)

3) While most say it's largely Bill Parcells's fingerprints on this current team, and how he built it from nothing, etc, etc. The 2009 team that won the NFCE, won their 1st playoff game in 13 years, and fell short in the divisional round to Minny was actually the talent that WADE put out.(also, Parcells couldn't do anything with the OL while he was here)

Jason Garrett, OTOH, while he developed a reputation of whipping the players in practice(unlike "camp cupcake"), 1) The injury lists over his tenure here just GROWS, and this year the hits just keep on coming from week to week. 2) He's blown numerous 4th quarter leads(Wade, OTOH, with the exception of the Steelers game 4 years ago we all saw, RARELY did so), and 3) While penalties were a problem with Wade, they've been FAR worse under Garrett, despite his old school mentality in practice.

I dunno, but again, I thought Phillips was vastly underappreciated here. A veteran coach who knew all the roaps.
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