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Default Re: preparing to start

I was just joking about the 55-0 quip. As for the reality check, I'm dead serious. Most teams in this league can't even field 22 competitive players, let alone going as deep as we have been forced to in our depth chart.

My gosh man, your expectations are just a little high my friend. Look, I want them to win just as badly as you do, but we played this game with a a severly crippled OL, and secondary. Just because they are wearing black and gold, doesn't make them automatically championship players.

There is a reason starters are starters. The reason is they are better players.Then logic should tell you that each time Next Man Up happens, your team gets weaker. Eventually, you are playing in a confused state as positions and duties change each time a man goes down. When it happens during the game to 4 or more players, it's over. IMO, there was no logical reason for this team to have won this game.
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