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Default Steelers breaking all the wrong trends....

While we are all in "vent mode", I wanted to bring up another one that has me gritting my teeth whenever I think about it.

Why do teams always break disturbing trends against us?

* Prior to playing us, KC had not led in any game this season.

* Prior to playing us, Phillip Rivers had not thrown a TD, nor has his offense scored a single TD in over (11) quarters of play previous. I knew as soon as the announcers pointed that out, that he would get his first TD on us...and he did.

* Oakland gets their first win against us (I think).

* First team to have 4 RBs fumble the ball in one game.

* Titans' Matt Hasselbeck has career game against us.

Any others? Why can't we break trends like these anymore:

* First WC 6th seed to go all the way.
* First player to get 1000 yds receiving and returning kicks.
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