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Default Re: Thoughts on the Haley offense

FanSince72 - agree to disagree

For me, Bruce is was equally responsible next to o-line injuries for the demise of the run game. I will never forgive him for not putting Mendy and co. in better positions to succeed. He blatantly and to his own admission would set them up to fail by putting them in a catch 22. He knew damn well that first, he was going to throw the ball on 3rd and short rather than run it, limiting opportunities to succeed, gain confidence, and help move the chains - he was going to limit the number of reps they got in practice - again, putting them behind the 8-ball. Even when the O-line was injured, magically, it was the RBs fault for not producing and then, he wasn't going to get more opportunities until they proved they could do better otherwise (even though Bruce was putting them in positions to fail).

Not once did he ever take responsibility for the offensive failures. It was always someone not running a route correctly, missing a block, or the players just not making the plays. God forbid he play to any strengths or switch things up when the situation called for it - even when the other team adjusted, and, after a period of time - all the good defenses figured them out, hence the offense going backwards in spite of supposedly gaining talent (arrival of Wallace, Brown, Sanders). It is no surprise he got shit canned. In the face of terrible red zone efficiency, he did absolutely nothing to change things up - it was simply "up to the players to execute." Also - why was Heath Miller so under utilized. One of the top 5 TEs in the league, and he is regulated to blocking duty so David Johnson can drop another pass in the flat.

Sorry. You can have 9 wins in a first season with a QB. Ben carried Bruce to a SB title. The only games I saw that it seems he put some thought into were the 07 Blowout of the Ravens at home where Ben had one of the best games of his career, the 10 AFC champ game where they emphasized the run, and found unique ways to run it (off balance, counters, and even a naked bootleg!) and absolutely dominated the line of scrimmage, and last season's Patriots game - where Ben threw quick strikes all game long. And then magically, that game plan was never found again.
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