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Default Re: Thoughts on the Haley offense

Originally Posted by zcoop View Post
Dink and Dunk, sucks Big Donkey #*(&s. The offense is too predictable. Some can continue to blame a lack of vertical passing on Wallace dropping the ball. That shit is so childish. I would challange any of them to go back and look at the games and tell me how many dropped passes has Mike had this year?

Bottom line, Haley's offense ain't too damn good. They can make all the excusses they want to and throw players under the bus but the eyes don't lie. Having to defend 20yds vs the entire field is not good. Opposing defenses (even the lesser ones) feasts on dink and dunk.
well, what else can you do when Ben is getting killed, and now, the receivers can't seem to catch anything? Right now - a defense's best bet is to go all out all game long. No need to respect the running game or fear the deep ball at all.
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