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Default Re: Thoughts on the Haley offense

Deep ball, deep ball, deep ball, interception, drive ended. Ta da! Or how about sack, sack, hold, sack, 4th and 35? Sound like a good gameplan? Arians liked it. He isn't here anymore, and for good reason. Yeah, you need to go deep, but the fact is that we have gone deep, and had catchable balls hit Wallace right in the hands, and how many of those did he drop? I think it was all but one. How many, I don't know, but it was way too many. Limus Sweed could have run down field and dropped the ball, and he's not here anymore either, but at least he could block. In reality Wallace has had one job here, run really fast and catch the friggen deep ball. In his good years he was moderately able to do that. This year--nope. Okay, it still serves its purpose--the defense still has to cover him, so it opens up the middle. Unless they realize that he's only caught one of them and decide to gamble, it's not much of a risk really.
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