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Default Re: Beat the Cowboys at all cost

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Well when one of the last "respected elders" on the team calls the whole team out , does that meam Tomlin's act is getting stale too? Like Cowher's did?
my opinion is that there is some dead weight with bad attitude, and it is affecting the players confidence in the team's ability as a whole, and in the week's preparation and how that equates to what you put out on the field. Attitude about who you work with and what you're working on is a pretty common issue in a lot of working environments.

I've worked with plenty of people that had contagious attitudes - both for the better and worse. I've seen the guy who didn't have a lot of skills, but had great personality and his hard work overcome everything. I've seen the guy with a ton of skills, but a poor attitude about the work in front of him. Other people fed off of what they saw in the hard worker and the guy with great skills but terrible attitude. The guy with the bad attitude and work ethic wasn't going to be allowed to have any effect on the others and the atmosphere we were trying to build in the workplace. You are allowed to disagree, but you still better work your ass off and keep your mouth shut outside of closed doors. If you thought the truth was for the betterment of the group as a whole, then it is encouraged, ala Keisel.

Bottom line. Get rid of Wallace and Mendenhall.
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