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Default Re: This is a critical stretch for coach T

As long as Ben is our QB we can compete so I dont want to hear shit about rebuilding. If you think we are rebuilding then were screwed. By the time the players learn the new definsive system Ben will be retired or way past his prime. Everyone says it takes a few years to learn our defense correct? Pointless

With that said you wont hear me complain unless were eliminated from the playoffs. The steelers can surprise us all and really play like shit against some of the worst teams in the NFL but can also hang with the best of them. Some of you seem to think the season is over but as long as we have Ben and the best definsive coach in football we can winu the super bowl any season and I wouldnt be surprised to see us there again this year.

Once we totally crush Dallas im sure a lot of people will jump back on the wagon were they belong. Yes we have flaws like every other team out there but we have always played best when our backs are against the wall and everyone has counted us out. Come January were going to look at the Chargers game as our turning point. Were we hit bottom and and started swinging.
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