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Default Would You Trade Wallace for Flowers?

I know this is looking past this season - something I don't believe is lost - but I've been thinking about this for a while. Simply put, would you trade Mike Wallace for Brandon Flowers?

Now, I know this is going to confuse a lot of you so let's take a step back. Earlier on this year (roughly 4 weeks ago) Brandon Flowers expressed his frustration with the Chiefs and reportedly wanted out of Kansas City. This got me interested when I first heard it because Brandon Flowers is arguably a top 5 DB wasting away on a secondary that is built on himself and Eric Berry. He's playing on a truly bad team that is going to need 2 - 3 years to rebuild to even be in the conversation of taking the AFC West.

Now, we all know about Mikey. A lot of the guys on here love to put hate on him and, in my opinion, scapegoat him for losses. Sure, he's dropped a couple balls and the reports of him asking for Larry Fitzgerald money put a sour taste in our mouths', but he's still a very, very good deep threat. He was consistent early on in his career and this lead to him being Ben's #1 receiving target for years. Now, however, it seems like on a weekly basis he's playing himself out of Pittsburgh and this is where I think we can have a mutual agreement with the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are about to lose Dwayne Bowe - there's no getting around this. Who do they have behind him? Well, no one, really. There's no talent behind Bowe for the Chiefs to build on - yet. All signs are pointing to them ending up with the number one overall pick and taking someone like Geno Smith to help build a franchise around. In order to build a franchise around a quarterback, getting receiver help has to be the number one priority. They already have a Jamaal Charles in place at running back and grabbing someone like Mike Wallace would give Geno a legitimate deep threat. On top of that, Bowe might be interested in staying in Kansas City assuming they grab a new franchise quarterback and get the help of someone like Mike Wallace.

He won't come free, however. In order for them to get Mikey, they'd have to give up someone like Brandon Flowers in return. Look, the Chiefs need help on both sides of the ball but getting a legitimate receiving target for Smith has to be priority number one for the Chiefs. In return, I do think they'd be willing to part with someone like Brandon Flowers. This would bolster an already great secondary and would instantly start across from Ike Taylor. Sure, Keenan has had a great year but I'd take Flowers over Lewis in a heartbeat. This, combined with the fact that Ike Taylor isn't getting any younger makes the transition and ultimately retirement of Taylor easier to stomach. This ensures that we do in fact reload our secondary and not have to spend a high draft pick rebuilding it.

He's being paid like a top flight corner because he is a top flight corner. He's being paid roughly 8 million dollars this year, and around 9.6 million next year. This is quite the cap hit, but I'm sure Omar Khan could work his magic and make most of that into a signing bonus, giving us room to resign our other impending free agents and, dare I say it, go into the FA pool.

With the depth at WR and the emergence of Emmanuel Sanders to make a big catch when we need it most, coupled with the fact that Wallace doesn't really fit our scheme anymore, makes this trade almost a no-brainer for the Steelers to pull off. We'd have to sign a deal with Wallace that Kansas City would have to o.k, but I think that's just semantics. This trade would be great for both sides and we would ultimately end up with a legitimate shut down corner opposite Taylor. More importantly, a guy that knows how to bring in balls and create turnovers. The Chiefs could quite possibly end up with both Mike Wallace and Dwayne Bowe if this were to happen which, again, gives the Chiefs something to start with when they're building around Smith.
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