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Default Re: Curse of the Terrible Towel lives

Originally Posted by terpsnation View Post
Sorry - that was regarding the reaction in this forum - I should have been more specific. And frankly, if you look at the jubilation on the boards, it was insane.

100% agree. I don't really think either of our teams has a chance in the playoffs currently. But you never know, it's all about who gets hot at the right time. We're both suffering from a ton of injuries (with many players that won't return at all this season), so the ability to "get hot" is diminished, but still there nonetheless.

That came from the fact that alot of us didn't expect Batch to play that way and for us to come out with a win in Bmore. And the fact that Batch played horribly the week before and that win will go down in history as the "3rd string old geezer beat you" game.

More salt in the wound. That's what I enjoy the most
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