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Default Re: This is a critical stretch for coach T

Originally Posted by Rotorhead View Post
All I have to say is, "sniffle sniffle cry cry f'n cry". We cant have a SB team every year, and most franchises dont even have a playoff team year in and year out. To have a chance to make the playoffs when the team is basically rebuilding is something only 2-3 franchises can do. We have an almost completely new Oline that should start for years, young and talented rvcing corps, a def getting younger. We are lacking a couple pieces really. We need to replace our safeties, Harrison and find a new NT (stupid Taamu). Our LB except for Harrison and Foote (who we have a replacement for as long as his knee heals) are all young. We need a better RB and maybe another TE. We have been replenishing and our down year we still will most likely make the plaoyffs. Stop crying and realize all teams need to rebuild at some point and we a lucky enough to not have to worry about being terrible while doing it.
You are right, dude. We are not allowed to criticize our team when they lose repeatedly to sub-par, bottom-feeding franchises.

Those silly fair-weather fans....
"On the S-2-7 train"
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